Alex Monroe Ltd


“Ignore exporting at your peril” … the wise words of Alex Monroe, founder and CEO of London based business – Alex Monroe Ltd.



Taking inspiration from the blooming Suffolk countryside, Alex crafted his first piece in 1987, since then the business has blossomed into a thriving enterprise employing over 50 skilled individuals who meticulously handmake over 9000 pieces of jewellery on a monthly basis.


Whilst many established companies look to progress to exporting as a means to widening the scope of their product or service, Alex Monroe Jewellery started exporting straight from the get-go, establishing a strong market presence in the East Asia fashion sector following an appearance at London Fashion Week. The roots to this successful fashionable jewellery manufacturer are firmly bedded in the power of exporting. However, one thing was always clear; a presence in London was paramount, from its wide-ranging resources to its people, a base in London makes taking on the world that bit easier.