Computer Maintenance Service


Computer maintenance services are typically contracted by small business and home computer owners to diagnose, maintain, upgrade and repair computers. Services offered include hardware repairs and component installations, network and server set-ups and support, virus checking and removal, data transfer, system recovery and broadband installation and system upgrades. In addition to PCs, Apple Macs and laptops, many computer maintenance services now cover mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Computer maintenance service providers intending to start up and run their service from home should check that they are allowed to do this under the terms of their mortgage or tenancy agreement.

Some manufacturers provide opportunities for computer maintenance services to become accredited to carry out maintenance on their products. Some make it a condition of their warranty that repairs must be carried out by an accredited technician.

Computer maintenance services must provide consumers with certain information before accepting a booking online or over the phone. This includes details of the service’s pricing, payment and cancellation policy. Computer maintenance services should provide all clients with their standard terms and conditions of business before agreeing to accept a booking for maintenance or repair.

Selling services

The prices charged by computer maintenance services vary according to the extent of the maintenance work involved, any equipment and parts required, and the levels of demand. Many computer maintenance services charge fixed prices for certain services, and provide their clients with written estimates for more complex work or ongoing maintenance contracts. Typical fixed prices charged by computer maintenance services include initial diagnosis from £30, virus removal from £30 to £50 and data recovery from £25 to £45.

Legal issues

Computer maintenance service providers must meet the requirements set out in various rules and regulations. These cover issues such as health and safety, consumer rights, waste disposal, and client record keeping and data protection.

A computer maintenance service requires a number of insurance policies, including building and contents cover and public liability insurance. There are several insurance providers that offer specialist cover for computer maintenance services.

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