Property Advice Service

How to get the right commercial lease for your business

The knowledge you need for the lease you want.

FREE one-to-one sessions for London-based SMEs who are looking for a commercial lease. The one-to-one sessions are supplemented by a range of online content accessible to all including podcasts, videos, blogs, articles and masterclasses.




1. Property Expert One-To-One Sessions

These two hour sessions with property experts will help you navigate the lease process, tailored to your business and the lease you are negotiating. You will benefit from their expert guidance, learn how to avoid the common pitfalls, and if you have an existing contract or a draft lease get a point of view of what you should look out for.

Places are limited. Once you have been offered a place, you will arrange a mutual convenient meeting date with a property expert.

Book your place by completing our short application survey telling us a bit about your business and if there are any particular lease issues you would like to discuss with the mentor.

Who should attend: If you are negotiating or renegotiating a commercial lease or are currently searching for premises, then our one-to-ones are for you.

Please note: The one-to-one sessions have now ended but you can still access the resources below.

2. Masterclass: Top tips on Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease for your Business

These masterclasses will cover the key terms of commercial property agreements, their definitions and implications giving you the confidence to negotiate the lease that is right for your business.

Who should attend: If you are thinking of starting a business or your business is growing and you are considering taking on a commercial lease for a retail, studio or office space, this masterclass will be perfect for you.

Please note: The masterclasses have now ended but you can still access the resources below.

3. Online support and resources    

A series of useful blogs, articles and factsheets written by industry experts providing top tips, recommendations, insights and answers to the key issues of commercial lease:

Listen to our insightful podcasts featuring commercial property experts:

Watch our range of videos covering topics from the difference between property leases and licences, what you can negotiate with a landlord to the common pitfalls of leases, all including advice and information from industry experts:


Delivered by Nwes on behalf of the London Growth Hub, this Property Advice Service programme is carefully designed to give owners of small and medium-sized businesses the knowledge, expertise and confidence to help them to take on a lease in the capital.

If you are a business in the cultural sector looking to open a public venue you may also be interested in the Mayor of London’s three part Premises Ready Training programme. Run in partnership with Creative United, the programme offers advice from industry insiders and experts from arts centres, cinemas, music and dance venues providing knowledge and insight to help creative businesses open a venue in the capital. You can find out more about the programme and how to register here.