Start, Scale, Grow

Free Business Mentoring
New for 2017, the Start, Scale, Grow programme is designed to give owners of start-ups and small businesses the knowledge, skills and confidence to scale and grow their businesses. Delivered by Nwes on behalf of the London Growth Hub, the free programme of business mentoring and workshops on offer uses expert advisors, practical tools and interactive learning.

Who is the programme for?

The Start, Scale, Grow programme is for you if:

  • You are just embarking on your entrepreneurial adventure and need to learn the key skills required to build a successful business
  • You own an established business but want to know how to drive growth and build resilience into your organisation
  • You struggle with some of the common questions entrepreneurs face, such as ‘how do I stand out in a crowded market?’ or ‘why are we growing so slowly?’

Registering for the programme and signing up for the workshops is easy. Simply get in touch with our team by emailing or calling 08456 099 991 mentioning ‘Start, Scale, Grow’.

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Workshop programme
Our range of six workshops led by industry experts cover the most important aspects of building a successful, sustainable business and are all free of charge to attend. If you attend one or more of the workshops, you may also be able to receive three hours on free one-to-one mentoring.

Branding Workshop
When you’re in one of the most competitive markets in business, how far can you go to make yourself distinctive? It’s your brand and the story behind it that will make you more compelling than your competitors. By having a strong brand you’re telling the world that they can trust you and invest their time and money with you. A business that’s branded well builds credibility because it promises your customer that you’ll deliver what they want. There’s no longevity in sales without having first invested in your brand.

You will learn:

  • What branding is
  • Brand elements
  • Brand colour and design
  • The brand building blocks
  • Brand communications

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
Kate Saunders, a digital marketing specialist and a member of the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing (IDM). She is overseeing final year students in the industry certificate and running the final year Digital and Direct Marketing Strategy module. Prior to LSBU, Kate ran the postgraduate direct marketing module at the University of the Arts and trained industry employees in direct marketing. Before academia, Kate worked in the digital and direct marketing industry as an agency Business Director, as well as running her own consultancy for small businesses.

Dynamic and Effective Presentations Workshop
How do you create and deliver a professional presentation that will speak to your target audience? Being able to effectively communicate is determined by much more than just the quality of the delivery.

A successful presentation should be creative, unique and memorable. Prezi, a digital tool that brings your ideas to life, can help you create an impactful and eye-catching presentation. Combined with the right presenting techniques, you could be delivering powerful presentations that appeal to your target audience.

You will learn: 

  • The basics of Prezi
  • How to plan a presentation
  • How to incorporate a visual motif
  • Diagrams, charts and graphs
  • What to display and what to say
  • Presenting techniques

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
Richard Howarth, the Senior Marketing Officer at LSBU’s Research, Enterprise & Innovation department. He leads the marketing across all of LSBU’s European projects. With a background in creative writing and communications, he will help you to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Using Paid for Social to Grow Your Business Workshop
How do you utilise social media to reach new clients? With social media being a very popular form of communication, it can be an effective tool to target and reach your ideal audience.

Paid for social media enables you to plan, execute, deliver and analyse your marketing campaigns. Social channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all proven successful marketing tools for many start-ups and SMEs. Find out what channel works best for your business.

You will learn:

  • How to segment your target audience through channel and message
  • How to identify the key performance indicators to evaluate social campaigns
  • How to test and measure the most effective social channels for your business
  • To plan a three-month channel and content test

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
Jonathan Bannister, the founder and strategist of marketing and innovation agency Make Happy. With over 25 years experience working with B2B and B2C clients and social enterprises in Europe and Asia, Jonathan brings a wealth of practical experience to his workshops. Jonathan is a visiting lecturer at UCL, Nottingham Trent University and Trinity College Dublin.

Building a more profitable and resilient Business Model Workshop
How do you build a business that’s resilient and competitive? Designing a business that’s able to grow and strive in a competitive marketplace relies on you understanding your revenue streams and business model.

Having the knowledge to run a diagnostic on your business, diversify your revenue streams and reinforce your USP are all effective tools for creating a sustainable and competitive business. Learn how to explore innovative business models and analyse resource efficiency to maximise your opportunities within the business market. Also, get inspired by the success stories of other innovative SMEs in London.

You will learn: 

  • How to complete a business diagnostic by assessing your business inputs and outputs and analysing the barriers and challenges your business faces
  • How to explore additional revenue streams from an early stage and identify your underutilised resources
  • To develop a competitive advantage to reinforce your business USP
  • To address the increasing sustainability concerns of  your current and future client base
  • To discover alternative business models that could lead to growth and how to  implement them
  • An overview of impact investors and circular economy funds

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
Highly qualified business advisors from Advanced London who support you to develop your business resilience. Advanced London specialises in providing advisory support to high potential SMEs in London. It’s a three-year programme jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund and LWARB to support SMEs in London to maximise opportunities within the Circular Economy.

Safeguarding your Idea Workshop
Do you know how intellectual property rights can affect your business? Understanding Intellectual property is not only a necessity for SMEs, advisors and professional bodies, it can also add value to your ideas.

Having knowledge of the intricacies of intellectual property will help you create a business that is not only successful but also sustainable. In this popular workshop, you will gain a good overview of intellectual property and learn how to analyse your ideas to turn your inspiration into a viable business.

You will learn: 

  • How to monetise and protect your ideas
  • A thorough understanding of trademarks, patents and copyright designs

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
The Intellectual Property Office (IPO), who help businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs understand how IP can create value from their ideas, and turn inspiration into sustainable, successful businesses. For more information on IPO business support go to

Foolproof Financial Planning Workshop
With so many businesses failing in the first year, how do you create a professional, foolproof forecast of your financials to attract the right investor?

Knowing how to create a comprehensive plan of your financial forecast and how to present it professionally can help attract investors to support your business. Gain a thorough understanding of your business financials and plan the year ahead to manage risk effectively and impress potential investors.

You will learn: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of how to plan your financial forecast
  • How to present your forecast in a professional way to be able to give any third parties such as banks or investors a clear understanding of your projections
  • To work on your own business projections, utilising our foolproof spreadsheet

Suitable for:
Pre-start up, start up and established businesses.

Prepared and delivered by:
John Clarke, who has a wealth of business experience having worked as a NatWest business manager for some twenty-six years. During this time, he visited many businesses and developed a firm understanding of the many challenges which they face. Having spent several years in the bank’s risk assessment department, he fully understands how to produce and present a quality financial plan. He is an experienced trainer having worked in London and Edinburgh training bank staff.