Start-up Ideas: Animals and pets

If you are interested in animals and pets, there are lots of options to start a business. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Boarding Kennels
Boarding kennels provide temporary accomodation for dogs while their owners are on holiday, hospitalised or otherwise unable to look after them. Find out more >

Pet Dog Trainer
Pet dog trainers provide training for dogs and their owners, covering obedience, basic agility and socialisation. Find out more >

Pet Sitter
Pet sitters look after other people’s pets while their owners are at work or otherwise away from home. Find out more >

Pet Grooming Service
Pet grooming services clip and shampoo dogs and cats, as well as cutting their nails and cleaning their teeth. Find out more >

Horse Riding School
Horse riding schools provide individual and group riding lessons to learners of varying ability. Find out more >

Livery Yard / Stables
Livery yards or stables provide stabling and grazing facilities for owners of horses and ponies. Find out more >

Catteries provide temporary accommodation for cats while their owners are on holiday, hospitalised or otherwise unable to look after them. Find out more >

Worm Farm
Commercial worm farms (also known as wormeries) breed and harvest worms, typically Lobworms (the common garden worm) and dendrobaena veneta (European Red worm). Find out more >

Dog Walker
Dog walkers collect pet dogs from their owners’ homes and take them for walks in small groups, often while their owners are at work. Find out more >

Animal Physiotherapist
Animal physiotherapists (also known as veterinary physiotherapists) treat animals suffering from pain and reduced mobility resulting from injury, ageing and medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, lameness and paralysis. Find out more >

Falconers train, keep and handle birds of prey, such as kestrels, hawks, eagles and owls. They provide falconry displays and experiences for both private and commercial customers. Find out more >

Pet Shop
Pet shops supply a wide range of food, toys and care products for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and ‘small furries’ such as hamsters, rabbits and mice. Find out more >

Pet Clothing Designer
Pet clothing designers create, manufacture and retail clothing and accessories for domestic animals. Find out more >

Veterinary Surgeon
Independent veterinary surgeries (often referred to as veterinary practices) treat a range of pets and working animals and provide preventative services such as vaccinations, neutering and spaying. Find out more >