If you are interested in food retail, there are lots of business opportunities you could consider.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Greengrocers are specialist retailers of fresh fruit and vegetables, often along with other fresh produce such as herbs and spices, eggs, milk, cheese and bread. Find out more >
Butcher’s shop
Butchers prepare and retail fresh meat, poultry, game and offal, often along with related produce such as eggs and milk, cooked meats and pies. Find out more >
Independent fishmongers prepare and retail a wide range of fresh and frozen fish and shellfish, including whole, filleted, smoked and breaded fish and fishcakes, dressed shellfish and canapés. Find out more >
Delicatessens supply a selection of speciality and premium produce such as craft-baked bread, chutneys and jams, handmade confectionery and biscuits. Find out more >
Wine merchant
Wine merchants stock and supply an extensive range of fine, vintage and rare wines, including fortified wines and champagne, for consumption off the premises. Find out more >