Start-up Ideas: Foodservice

If you are interested in serving food and drinks, there are lots of options to start a business. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Mobile Coffee Cart
Mobile coffee carts serve fresh filter coffee and a wide range of freshly prepared ‘speciality’ coffees, such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos, from street trading ‘pitches’ and at markets and outdoor events. Find out more >

Craft Bakery
Craft bakeries produce speciality baked goods on a small scale, sometimes in their own home. Find out more >

Ice Cream Van
Ice cream vans sell a range of soft ice creams, lollies, soft drinks, sweets, crisps and chocolate. They trade from ‘pitches’ located in town centres, at tourist attractions, outside schools and colleges, beside popular beaches and at a range of outdoor events. Find out more>

Fish and Chip Shop
Fish and chip shops are specialist takeaways that prepare, cook and serve a range of fried fish, freshly cooked chips, battered sausages, chicken nuggets, burgers and pies. Find out more >

Catering Service
Catering services are hired to prepare, cook, deliver and serve food and drink for one-off client events and for regular food service contracts. Find out more >

Fast Food Takeaway
Fast food takeaways are part of the highly competitive ‘food-to-go’ sector, and serve popular menu items and snacks including burgers, kebabs, chips and pizzas, as well as cold drinks for consumption off the premises. Find out more >

Mobile Takeaway
Mobile takeaways cook and serve a range of fast food dishes and snacks and a selection of cold and hot drinks from a purpose-built or adapted trailer or van. Find out more >

Traditionally, restaurants serve a range of at-table menus, have a licence to serve alcohol and are typically open for lunch and evening meals. Find out more >

Sandwich Shop
An independent sandwich shop (or sandwich bar) prepares and serves freshly made sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and salads, usually prepared on the premises, but sometimes purchased pre-packed from other suppliers. Find out more >

Cafés typically serve a range of simple, relatively cheap meals and snacks, such as cooked breakfasts, jacket potatoes, salads and soup, as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee. Find out more >

Gaming Café
Gaming cafés provide the opportunity to play a wide range of video games and board games in a social setting. Find out more >

Cat Café
Cat cafés are themed cafés that provide cats for cat-loving customers to stroke and interact with. Cat cafés were first introduced in Taiwan in 1998 and the idea then spread to Japan. Find out more >

Cake Shop
Cake shops sell a range of baked goods such as cupcakes, muffins and celebration cakes. Find out more >

Sandwich Delivery Round
A sandwich delivery round supplies sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and salads. They are either made by the owner and their staff, or purchased ready made from other local suppliers. Find out more >