Start-up Ideas: Making Things

If you are intersted in making things there are lots of options to start your own business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Handmade Cosmetics Maker
Handmade cosmetics makers produce and package hair, bath and beauty products. Find out more >

Handmade Paper Maker
Handmade paper is created using pulp made from materials such as wood or plant fibres, fabric rags and recycled paper. Find out more >

Jewellery Maker
Jewellery makers design and produce original and customised jewellery, often selling it directly to consumers via online marketplaces and at local craft markets. Find out more >

Handmade Toy Maker
Handmade toy makers create traditional toys including wooden blocks, push-and-pull toys, rocking horses, stuffed animals, teddy bears, puppets, puzzles, educational toys and dolls’ houses. Find out more >

Greeting Card Maker
Greeting card makers create unique ranges of cards, using techniques such as calligraphy, hand painting, traditional craft printing or digital design. Find out more >

Pottery and Ceramics Maker
Pottery and ceramics makers design and create a range of 3D objects from clay, including purely decorative items and gifts, functional homeware or kitchenware and sculptural works of art. Find out more >

A signmaker produces and installs different types of signs, including shop/office signs and fascias, pavement signs, estate agents’ boards, vehicle livery and banners. Find out more >

Stained Glass Artist
Stained glass artists are skilled craftspeople who design and produce stained glass windows and panels, as well as smaller accessories and gifts such as Tiffany lamps, mirrors, fire screens, occasional tables, small decorative items, wedding favours and Christmas decorations. Find out more >

Decorative Glassware Maker
Decorative glassware makers design and produce a range of unique pieces in glass, including purely decorative items and gifts, functional homeware such as glasses and vases, and sculptural works of art. Find out more >

Candle Maker
Candle makers manufacture candles by melting wax and shaping it, either by pouring it into a mould or by a process of repeatedly dipping a wick into the wax. Find out more >