Start-up Ideas: Tourism and leisure

There are lots of options for starting a business in the tourism and lesiure sector. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The hotel industry is highly competitive and comprises a range of sub-sectors differentiated by price and varying levels of provision. Find out more >

Tour Operator
Tour operators source accommodation, transport and other tourism services directly from suppliers and arrange these services into package holidays, which they supply directly to customers and via travel agents. Find out more >

Tour Guide
Tour guides conduct guided tours of visitor attractions and places of interest, such as historic towns and cities, sites of archaeological or religious significance, museums, art galleries, battlefields, castles, cathedrals and stately homes, for small groups and individuals. Find out more >

Guided Walks Organiser
Guided walks organisers (guides) lead groups of people on walks around the countryside, mountains, cities and other places of special interest. Find out more >

Backpackers’ Hostel
Backpackers’ hostels provide basic accommodation for travellers and backpackers on a limited budget. Guests are typically young people aged 25 and under, and are often travellers from abroad or students looking for affordable accommodation. Find out more >

An inn is a small, traditional hospitality establishment, typically a country pub providing food, drink and lodgings for travellers. Find out more >

Travel Writer
A travel writer produces articles, guides and books about places they have visited both in the UK and abroad. Find out more >