Grow with AI

Grow with AI – Retail and Hospitality

Are you a restaurant, hotel, bar or shop operating in London? Our programme can help you ‘Grow with AI’, making it easy for businesses like yours to uncover innovative ways to get more customers, get more out of your people and unlock more business potential – all using AI.

The Mayor is inviting your business to test artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which could help you reach more customers, provide better services and build and reward customer loyalty.

Things like AI and Machine Learning may at first seem far away from the day-to-day realities of running a small business, but even for the smallest enterprises they can represent a huge opportunity to boost productivity – from customer relations and human resources to sales and marketing.

Apply today and get access to part of a £200,000 pot to spend on tech that could:

  • Provide your shop with 24/7 support for your customers
  • Give your hotel visitors tailored, personalised recommendations
  • Connect with new customers on web, Facebook or mobile and a whole host of other capabilities

Find out more about how it works and get your hands on some business-boosting tech today

Click ‘apply now’ to fast-track your application, or click ‘register your interest’ and someone will get in touch to help.


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