Web Developer


Web developers design and build new websites and applications (‘apps’), as well as rebuilding existing ones. This can include ‘mobile friendly’ websites that can be accessed and used via smartphones and tablets.

Freelance web developers work on behalf of public and private sector clients, including small business owners, charities and large corporates.


Most web developers have professional qualifications and previous programming experience. They usually have good project management skills.

Many web developers use client relationship management software to manage their clients and keep track of projects and meetings.

Web developers who intend to run their business from home should check that they are allowed to do so under the terms of their mortgage or tenancy agreement.

Selling services

While most freelance web developers are engaged directly by their clients, some are recruited by specialist agencies that find them short-term contract work. Many specialist recruitment agencies use online jobs boards to advertise opportunities for freelance web developers.

Most web developers charge an hourly rate for their services. Average rates vary according to the complexity of the project, the amount of time required to complete it and the type of programming skills required. Most web developers offer a free consultation to discuss a new project and show the potential client a portfolio of their previous work.

Before providing their services, web developers should issue clients with an agreement that sets out their terms and conditions of business. This should include the costs and scope of the project and any time scales for completing it.

Legal issues

Web developers must meet the requirements set out in various rules and regulations. These cover issues such as health and safety, copyright and privacy law, and protecting clients’ personal information.

Web developers also require insurance cover for public liability, professional indemnity and other issues such as cyber and data risks.

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